Dear readers and watchers,

The three current translations I have been making are the Yogacarabhumi-sastra commentary & the Surangama Modern Explanation & Cultivating Real Anapanasati by Nan Huai Jin.

I have found a more worthwhile translation to replace the Surangama Modern Explanation, called Lectures on the Surangama Sutra by Nan Huai Jin. Therefore, I will discontinue the translation of the former and start on the latter. The reason for this is that the Surangama Sutra already has many English translations, and I have found that this modern explanation to be of little value-adding to the community as there is very little commentary.

Secondly, the 7 Day Chan on the Youtube channel is currently on pause for translation due to my work (I only do translations in my leisure time). The reason is because it is much faster to translate text. I will definitely resume the translations when my workflow is not as heavy. In the meantime, please check this blog for updates on text translations which are valuable, and possibly even more valuable than the videos.

Also, blessings to the donation that showed support. For every blessing, I pass on this merit to all sentient beings and the Buddhas of the ten directions. May your generosity flower merit to the Triple Gem.

With palms together,

Serious Buddhist