Dear readers, I’ve just opened up a proboards forum over at: Therefore, if you are keen on discussion with other like-minded individuals who are practicing Dharma as taught by Nan Huai Jin, please go over, register for an account (a few minutes) and post something there.

There is currently a Chinese board for cultivators using Master Nan’s teachings, and I will try to cross-post things that I find and translate them, therefore the forum will also be full of quotes, translations, resources, etc. Hopefully this will bring about a more well-rounded, applicable and interactive way of bringing cultivators together.

The translations on this site will continue as normal. For now, the main text will be firstly the Hu Song Nian anapana text, the Nan Huai Jin anapana text, then the Surangama Sutra and Yogacarabhumi-sastra commentary. This will likely keep me occupied for quite a while. I must also apologise for neglecting the videos, so please let me know what you prefer – videos or articles? Articles are much faster to translate, so I am focusing on this for now as many of Master Nan’s good information is transcribed into Mandarin.

With palms together, I pay respects to Master Nan, sages of the past and future, devas of the form and formless realms, nagas, Bodhisattvas and Buddhas of the ten directions. May all of your kind hearts be filled with joy and peace.

– Serious Buddhist