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This is a personal collection of interesting quotes I have found during my Dharma study and I will be updating this along the way. Feel free to suggest inclusions if you wish to. This collection will mainly be from recognised masters, including Nan Huai Jin.

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On The Nature of Mind

Whatever arises from the mind, is of the nature of the mind.
Water and its waves – are they any different?
— Mahasiddha Saraha (India, 8th cent. A.D.) In Dohakoshagiti

There is nothing to be removed from [mind as such], and nothing to be added. The actual should be seen as actual, and seeing the actual, you become free.
– Maitreya/Asanga, Uttaratantra, 1.157


On Practice

Understanding that the meditation of superior insight that is fully embedded in calm abiding will vanquish all defilements, you must first strive for calm abiding and that is accomplished through the delight in being free from worldly desires.
– Shantideva, Bodhicaryavatara, VIII.4

This supports the notion that samatha (cessation/calming) must come before vipasanya meditation.