This is an English translation of Nan Huai Jin’s lecture on Bigu and Diet. Please note that my translations are amateur and you need to do your own research, do not believe what I write here and please test it out for yourselves. This is important so that his genuine teachings are preserved. I welcome any corrections if you spot any.


Many Taoist books as well as Confucian letters say: Shi Qi Zhe Shou.

The Taoists say it this way: Meat-eaters are brave and fierce, Grain-eaters are intelligent and gentle, non-eaters are deities and have long-lives.

Many people believe that nations that like to eat beef are full of invasive natures. Whether or not this is according to Taoist beliefs, we do not know. On the other hand, people who eat the five crops (T/N: millet, soybean, sesame, barley, rice), although they are intelligent and wise, cannot avoid many diseases and have short lives. Only those who do not eat can live long, this is an unfathomable matter!

In this way of saying, before we have a long life, won’t be first starve to death?

Actually, this meaning is only to eat as little food as possible. Last night I saw the evening newspaper with science news, talking about Western Medicine’s new theory on health and longevity. The first point was about lesser food, after thirty years old, you should cut down fatty and sweet foods. This kind of saying has already been promoted by Taoists one thousand years ago.

However, talking about lesser food or no food, this is not an easy matter. If we do not know how to use the principles of the qi channels, not eating will cause death. Taoists are talking about the importance of qi channels.

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