Dear readers, I have decided to put all the translations I am doing currently in a single table so that I can refer to it and update it when needed.


Topic/Series/Book Lecture/Chapter Priority Progress
Anapana Breath Meditation What is Anapana DONE
Genuine Cultivation (Anapanasati Sutta) DONE
Master Nan’s Lecture Compilation on Anapana Dharma-Door  1 TRANSLATING
Great Meaning of Surangama Sutra Chapter 1  1 DISCONTINUED
Lectures on the Surangama Sutra 1 2 TRANSLATING
Lectures on Various Topics Diet and Pi Gu 2 TRANSLATING
Wet Dreams DONE
Seven Day Chan 11: Detailed Explanation of the Six Wondrous Doors of Anapana and Samadhi Alambana 2 TRANSLATING
13: Four Dhyanas and Qi Channels DONE
14: Pratyutpanna-Samadhi and Qi Channels 1 PLANNED
21: First and Second Dhyana and the Heavenly King’s Awakening and Confusion 1 PLANNED
23: Chan Samadhi and Fetters with Cultivation Method, Third and Fourth Dhyana Alambana, etc. 1 PLANNED
29: Qing-An and Meditation Experience 1 PLANNED
31: Mind-Only School and Middle View 2 PLANNED
32: Middle View and Eight Consciousnesses 2 PLANNED
Student Commentaries Dharma Master Shou Yu: Genuine Baptism is not a Religious Ceremony DONE
Dharma Master Hu Song Nian: Anapana Dharma Door & Chan Samadhi Cultivation DONE
Yogacarabhumi-Sastra Commentary 1 DONE
Zhunti Esoteric Method Unsurpassed and Deeply Wondrous Secret Method 3 TRANSLATING
The Sea of Chan 2 PLANNED
Research on Chan Visualisation of Proper Channels (White Skeleton Visualisation) 3 PLANNED

May all Dharma brothers and sisters be well.